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Our goal is to surpass your expectations by working together on your personal and career goals.

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  • Our Goal is to build long-term working relationships with our clients. By understanding your needs, we make better matches and the hiring process easy.
  • Our Rates are determined on an individual basis according to the skills required by the client and the duration of the contract. We are competitive and fair to both our clients and our employees. We bill our clients only for the hours our employees work.
  • Our Database is very extensive having the most experienced candidates on file. We have accumulated our database since 1996. We source candidates from several different areas, such as: conferences, referrals, and extensive Internet interaction.
  • Payroll Services - We will invoice for billable hours on a bi-weekly basis. We are responsible for paying the payroll taxes and insurance required by law and maintain the records.
  • Interviews: Let us know which candidates interest you for a telephone interview. We will set up any telephone or site interviews and pay all of the related expenses.
  • Candidates can begin working with your company within 1-2 weeks. We conduct background checks and reference checks on all candidates and have the ability to do drug screens, and technical screens.
  • Visas - We handle all Visa needs for candidates. If you identify a candidate on your own but cannot hire due to Visa issues, we will place them on our payroll, take care of any Visas, and place them in your department.
  • Let us know your special needs for consulting employees. Verna can develop on-site teams to meet your project needs. We can find you senior candidates that will work on your site, so you do not have to send the project off-site.

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